There are numerous ways one can use medical marijuana. The most common methods patients choose are smoking, vaping, edibles, and topical creams/salves. Any combination of these methods should be explored so that you get the most out of your products. There are benefits and drawbacks that come with any method you choose.

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Take advantage of all sources of knowledge. Here at Nature Med, we consider ourselves the first resource our patients can come to if they have any questions. The internet is another great resource for research, but remain cautious of online claims that aren't supported by solid evidence. 

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THC is the most widely known component of medical marijuana. The benefits one can gain from THC are evident and documented, but THC is not the only beneficial element in marijuana. Other cannabinoids are present in marijuana and each play a factor in the effect a patient experiences.

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Should Not Be Too Dry

Dry marijuana is easy to spot. It will usually look brownish-green and nearly turn to dust when broken up. This type of marijuana burns quicker than marijuana that is more moist. It can also be an indication of low potency.

Should Not Have Many Stems & Seeds

Stems and seeds are part of the marijuana plants growing and reproduction process. These parts of the plant will be evident in your medicinal marijuana occasionally, but batches of marijuana with an abundance of seeds and/or sticks is an automatic indication of bad weed. 

Should Not Be Too Wet

Marijuana that is too wet is a sign that the flower (or bud) has not be cured for long enough. The curing process dries marijuana to increase potency, brings out each strain's unique aromas, and to reduce harshness when smoking. Not curing flower long enough can also increase anxiety or paranoia in patients.

Should Have Lots of Crystals

The tiny white crystals (called trichomes) that one can find on marijuana flower is where THC is stored. The more trichomes, the more THC, the higher potential potency.

Should Have Potent Aroma

Marijuana plants produce oils (called terpenes ) that give each strain a unique smell and flavor. Potent aromas coming off of marijuana buds are a good indication that the plant grew healthily.

Should Be Sticky When Broken Up

Sticky marijuana indicates that the flower was grown healthily and cured for a decent amount of time. This type of flower will not burn nearly as fast as dried out bud. 



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