Vaporizers – To Vape or Smoke?

Vaporizers – To Vape or To Smoke?

More and more patients are switching from the old means of lighting a pipe to vaporizing their marijuana instead.  So what is all the hype about vaporizing? Does it really make a difference if you vaporize instead of smoke?  Here’s the scoop:

Vaporizers are devices that heat the marijuana to a temperature below the point of kindling, that is, not hot enough to ignite and burn. The active ingredients in marijuana (THC, CBC, etc.) turn into gas vapor at this lower temperature without igniting the cellulose fibers of the plant. The undesired soot, ash and smoke are never created. The patient inhales only the vapor that contains the active ingredients.puffit

Many patients prefer this technique to smoking traditionally with a lighter and pipe because the vapor is less harsh on their throat and lungs.  However, other patients find that vaporizing is less predictable for dose per inhale and that the euphoria achieved by vaporizing is different than that of smoking regularly.

Personally, I have Asthma and while I would prefer to smoke from a large water pipe, my lungs just don’t agree.  So instead of reaching for my illadelph, I use an EZ-Vape or a Puffit instead.  At first I disliked vaporizing because I enjoyed the taste of the smoke, but after a week of only using my vape, my lungs cleared up, I stopped coughing so much and I could breathe easier.  While I do still smoke from a pipe on occasion, I find my trusty vaporizers to be the best way for me to enjoy medical marijuana without my lungs objecting.

The only way to truly discover if this method is the best for you is to try it for yourself.  You can shop around online, or our dispensary carries a couple models that are very reliable and fairly priced.  The photo above is the Puffit portable vaporizer, and the second image is the E-Z Vape.

easy vapeAnother plus about vaporizing is that you can save your brown vaporized marijuana and make cannabutter and edibles from it!  More on this process in a future blog!  Leave a comment below with your thoughts on vaporizing or any questions you may have and we will respond.  Happy vape-ing!

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